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Steri Horizontal HPHV Cylindrical Sterilizer Steri Horizontal HPHV Cylindrical Sterilizer
Steri Horizontal HPHV Cylindrical Sterilizer
Steri Horizontal HPHV Cylindrical Sterilizer

Steri Horizontal HPHV Cylindrical Sterilizer

1100000 INR

Product Details:


Steri Horizontal HPHV Cylindrical Sterilizer Price And Quantity

  • 1100000 INR
  • 1 Number

Product Description


Type: Cylindrical

Size: Available in different sizes

Sterilizing temp.:  121C to 134C

Doors: Single Hinged door

Construction: Chamber SS 304

Jacket & Non-contact parts-SS 304

Insulation: 50 mm thick Mineral Wool

Piping: SS 304

Door Sealant: High Grade Silicon Gasket

Stand: Tubular MS with Powder Coated

DIGITALTEMPERATURE CONTROLLER-withan exceptionally precise Digital TemperatureController and Timer with display. This display is perfect for maintaining andcontinuously displaying the temperature. An inbuilt alarm system alerts theuser on completion of sterilization cycle. This accomplishes the goal ofreducing the need to track time and temperature.

It is equipped withthe latest model of Multi Port Valve. This singlepoint interface is user friendly and is adept to perform all the phases ofsterilization without any need of training.

LOW WATER DETECTION SYSTEM-Themachine is equipped with water detection system. Where in case the water leveldecreases below a threshold then heating elements will automatically turn off.The user will be notified in case the water level is not optimum for regularmachine operation.

DOORFEATURES- The Sterilizerhas Hinged Single Door with shooting bolts locking system, Doorframe is strong & robust enough to ensure smooth door movement &consistency in alignment, Door movement is smooth to ensureproper door alignment over a long period of time.

Dooropening safety:-Doorhas one mechanical safety lock, ,Doorwill be open only at the end of cycle and only when chamber is at room pressureand desired chamber temperature is reached.

AIRTIGHTSEALING-Heavy Duty branded silicon gasket will beprovided for airtight seal

DUALVACUUM SYSTEM-Machinehaving two types of vacuum system, Venturevacuum device is provided to create high vacuum pressure leading to dry loadson completion of sterilization, Machineis equipped with Branded Monoblack Water Ring type Vacuum Pump: For componentand drying cycle.

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