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Steri Horizontal Rectangular steam sterilizer HPHV

Steri Horizontal Rectangular steam sterilizer HPHV

Product Details:


Product Description

Machine: Steam Autoclave

Type: Rectangular

Sterilizing Temperature: Maximum 134C

Design standard as per:

Construction as per European CE Standard

The Sterilizer Electrical Wiring is safe and following electrical Standard:

IEC 60601-1-2016

IEC 60601-1-2

IEC 61010-2

Certifications: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, IS specification Mark IS: 3829 (PART-1), WHO GMP.

Chamber Size: 600x900x1200 mm.

Chamber Volume: 448 Litters.

Doors: Single Radial Arm Hinged Door.

Sterilizer Material of Construction: 

Chamber: SS 316

Jacket: SS 316

Non-Contact Parts: SS 304 

Boiler: SS316

Insulation: 75-100 mm thick Mineral Wool 

Outer Cover: SS 304

Piping: SS 304

Door: SS 304 Door

Stand: SS 304 tubular stand with leveling lags

Door Sealant: High Grade Silicon Gasket 

Carriage: SS 316

Carriage Trolley: SS 304.

Finish: Internal: Mirror, External: Matt

Process Control and Other Features:

Machine Operation Control: Manual Single Point Control.

Machine operational interface: Multiport valve.

Sterilizing Temperature: Minimum: 121C, Maximum: 134C.

Sterile Hold Time: Minimum: 15 min.  Maximum: As required.

Chamber Pressure at Sterilization: Minimum: 1.12 bar, Maximum: 2.1 bar.

Carriage: Made SS 316 with two salves.

Carriage Trolley: SS 304 transfer carriage trolley.

SINGLE OPERATION MODE: The Machine is capable of running in manual by Multiport Valve.

AIR FILTER: The machine is equipped with air filter which removes 99.95% of the particulate matter of size 0.3 m so the drying does not compromise the sterility of the sterilized load.

STEAM TRAP: The machine is equipped with Steam trap connected with Chamber & Jacket drain line.


1.The Sterilizer has Single Hinged SS Door with shooting bolts locking system.

2.Door frame is strong & robust enough to ensure smooth door movement & consistency in alignment.

3.Door movement is smooth to ensure proper door alignment over a long period of time.


1.Door will be open only at the end of cycle and only when chamber is at room pressure and desired chamber temperature is reached.

2.Door has single safety lock, at least one mechanical locking mechanism.

INSULATION: All the external surfaces are insulated (except where insulation would interfere with the function and operation of the sterilizer), to minimize the heat transmission to the environment.


1.The Sterilizer is fitted with analog compound gauge to measure the pressure and vacuum of chamber.

2.The Sterilizer is fitted with analog pressure gauge to measure the jacket pressure.

3.The Sterilizer is fitted with analog temperature gauge to indicate the chamber temperature.


1.Machine has Water ring type Vacuum Pump with SS 304 Condenser. For component and drying cycle. A vacuum pump is water ring vacuum pump which requires seal water.

2.Machine is equipped with cutting edge venturi system for creating vacuum in manual mode.


1.Machine has provided with overload safety relay.

2.The sterilizer is hydraulically tested at 2.5 times the working pressure.

3.Steam Trap provided in the Jacket.

4.The Sterilizer is fitted with vacuum breaker system to prevent collapsing of Jacket due to vacuum formed by condensation of steam.

5.The sterilizer has dual pop up type safety valve for added safety related with Jacket & Boiler.

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