Vertical Steam Sterliser

Product Image (YSU-404P)

Steri fully Automatic Vertical Steam Sterilizer

Fully Automatic, chamber size-300x500mm and 400x600mm, sterilization temperature-134C, compact specially designed to fit in small spaces, tripled walled construction, stainless steel construction of grade 304/316, print facility, Automatic water feeding etc.

Product Image (ysu-404s)

Steri Semi automatic vertical cylindrical Steam Sterilizer

Manual-multiport operated, Ball valves with digital temperature controller, single door-wing nut locking, equipped with water detection system, Analogue pressure guage to measure jacket pressure, , analogue temperature guage to measure and indicate temperature,

Product Image (YSU-404G)

Steri Automatic Vertical Steam Sterilizer

Triple walled shell construction, easy monitoring, safety valve for safety purpose, Air tight sealing, operational control by PLC, The equipment is smooth finished without any sharp edges and crevices

Product Image (YSU-404)

Steri Vertical Cylindrical Steam Sterilizer

Vertical cylindrical Steam sterilizers available in various sizes with manual to automatic range,

Product Image (YSU-404B)

Steri Vertical steam sterilizer Manual Bronze

Manual multiport operated, triple walled, narrow design to fit into small spaces, rounded chambers to reduce manufacturing cost, single door of SS 304, etc.

Product Image (ysu-404G)

Steri Vertical cylindrical steam sterilizer Automatic Gold

capacble of running into automatic mode via touch screen human machine interface, automatic water feeding system, equipped with water detection system, has automatic water feeding system, Hinged Door with shooting bolts locking system,


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