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Fully Automatic Horizontal Rectangular Steam Sterilizer

Fully Automatic Horizontal Rectangular Steam Sterilizer

1550000.00 - 3000000.00 INR/Container

Product Details:


Fully Automatic Horizontal Rectangular Steam Sterilizer Price And Quantity

  • 1 Container
  • 1550000.00 - 3000000.00 INR/Container

Product Description

The Machine is capable of running in manual via multi-port valve and in automatic mode via 5.7 colored touch          screen human machine interface (HMI).

The Machine automatically detects any air/steam leakage in chamber.

The Machine automatically detects any steam penetration barriers, inadequate air removal.

Machine air filter is capability to remove 99.97 % pathogens.

Machine has 6 pre-programmed cycles. 

The machine has user variable cycle where user can customize the temperature settings, pressure settings 

        and vacuum pulse settings.

The sterilizer setting is password protected.

The date and time setting is password protected and User is able to update date and time settings on the 

         screen for better record keeping.

The Machine is equipped with Faulty Sensor Detection system and user is visually notified of the same.

The machine is equipped with Door lock detection system, in case; if the doors are not closed properly the user 

         must be notified.

The machine is equipped with temperature detection system and the user will be notified in case the machine 

         fails to reach the set temperature or if the temperature overshoots.

The machine is equipped with water detection system. The user will be notified in case the water level is not 

         optimum for regular machine operation.

The Sterilizer has water saving system able to reduce water consumption by at least 65% during each cycle.

The user is record the progress of the sterilization cycle in real time therefore online real time printing facility 

         will be provided.

The user can print the following details:

Date and time of the cycle.

Status of the cycle.

Temperature at drain and chamber pressure at every event change and during sterile hold it can be printed at 

        desired interval, minimum of 1 minute.  

All undesired situation (faults) are to be printed at the time of fault generation.

The Sterilizer has Hinged Double Door with Shooting bolts locking system.

Door frame is strong & robust enough to ensure smooth door movement & consistency in alignment. 

Door movement is smooth to ensure proper door alignment over a long period of time.

Door opening safety: 

Doors have interlocking system i.e. both doors not to be opened at the same time.

Doors will be open only at the end of cycle and only when chamber is at room pressure and desired chamber 

        temperature is reached.

Only unloading doors will be opened at the end of cycle (except in case of Bowie & Dick cycle).

Doors have dual safety lock, at least one mechanical and one electronic locking mechanism.

Insulation: All the external surfaces are insulated (except where insulation would interfere with the function and 

        operation of the sterilizer), to minimize the heat transmission to the environment.

Machine is equipped with Vacuum Pump: For component and drying cycle. A vacuum pump is water ring 

        vacuum pump which requires seal water. 

The machine is equipped with air filter which removes 99.95% of the particulate matter of size 0.3 m so the 

         drying does not compromise the sterility of the sterilized load.

Other Safety Features:

Machine has provided with overload safety relay.

Equipment settings will not get disturbed due to power failure and will not restart without human intervention.

Equipment indicate fault through audio / visual signal with details on Control panel/PLC (Failure mode 


An Easily Accessible emergency stop is provided on main control panel door

The sterilizer is hydraulically tested at 2.5 times the working pressure.

The Sterilizer is fitted with vacuum breaker system to prevent collapsing of Jacket due to vacuum formed by 

         condensation of steam.

The sterilizer has dual safety valve for added safety.

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