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Steri HPHV-Fully Automatic Single Door Rectangular Steam Sterilizer

Steri HPHV-Fully Automatic Single Door Rectangular Steam Sterilizer

Product Details:


Product Description

1. Cylindrical Steam Autoclave  (Rectangular type)

2. Sterilizing Temperature: Min 121-134

3. Chamber Volume-235 Ltrs

4. The Machine will be capable of running in manual as well automatic mode-Dual Operration Mode.

5. Machine will have 1 pre-programmed cycles. The machine having user variable cycle will allow user to customize the temperature settings, Sterilization time, pressure settings and vacuum pulse settings.

6.The Sterilizer will have Hinged Single Door withShooting bolts locking system. Robust and Strong Door frame will be provided to  ensuring smooth and proper door alignment over a long period of time.

7.Door will open only when chamber is at room pressure at the end of cycle or if emergency stop button is pressed. Dual safety lock system will be provided for door locking, one mechanical and one electronic locking mechanism.

8. Venturi and Extra Fast Dry Ejector vacuum device will be provided to create high vacuum pressure leading to dry loads  on completion of sterilization.

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